| Workflow Automation and Asset Management

StudioCAP - Computer Aided Production. Like animation production, everything starts with the schedule and budget. All data entered into the schedule is used within the system. Inherent to this approach is asset management, approval processes and real-time budgeting and messaging. If your production schedule is separate from your CAP system, you are already inefficient. StudioCAP records all interdependencies and associations and stores them in a searchable database. This allows for a thorough reuse library and easy re-purposing of assets for merchandising or marketing. The StudioCAP workflow has been developed in the course of creating thousands of hours of high-quality animation and has been designed with efficiency and cost-savings in mind. Unlike other similar solutions StudioCAP does not care what OS you are running. There is no application to install. StudioCAP is totally web based and all you need is a WebKit browser. We also offer our new solution called StudioCAPsule. StudioCAPsule is an application that sits in a users system and this allows StduioCAPsule to download directly to your file structure and utilize our syncing tools to ensure you always have the latest assets. A typical Flash animation project would save up to 3 working days per 22 minute episode reducing contracted salaries by up to 39 days.

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